The BMW Club Journal February 2017 – Oxford Section Report

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BMW Club Oxford Section Report for January 2017

As you read this in the recovery mode after the hopefully, wonderful excesses of the recent celebrations over Christmas and the New Year, we can try to recollect just what happened in December. All the pub social meeting locations had a special Christmas meal event, which for some of us who tried to get to as many as possible it was a great time for food and to meet old and new friends.

The normal second Sunday winter event at Uffington Memorial Hall on the 11th December had some superb food provided by the catering team led by David and Continue reading

National Motorcycle Museum Press Release – Friends of the National Motorcycle Museum, 2017 Riding Activities Announced

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Some very interesting opportunities for riding some amazing motorcycles, courtesy of the National Motorcycle museum, however people may have to join the “friends of the Museum”  to take advantage of some of them.

National Motorcycle Museum Press Release.Friends Activities 2017

Uffington Village Hall – Speaker 14.00 Sunday 26th February, 2017

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BMW Club Oxford Section – SERV OBN Blood Bikes

Uffington Village Hall – Speaker

14.00 Sunday 26th February, 2017

Kamran Irani will be speaking about this year’s official Oxford section charity SERV OBN Blood Bikes:-


SERV OBN Blood Bikes 2017

Oxford section trip to the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

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We have an evening event coming up on Wednesday 15th March at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, for which you need to register in advance.  There are more details in the attached flyer – if you are interested then please contact with the required information.  The number of spaces is limited to 20, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register as soon as possible if you would like to join us.


Register Now for March 15th Oxford section trip to the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy 

Ride Out to The Annual Berkshire Egg Run 14th April 2017

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Chris Bond will kindly lead a Ride Out to join the Berkshire Egg Run.

He will leave the H Cafe, Oxford Rd. Berinsfield Nr. Wallingford, at 11.00am to arrive in Tiliehurst in good time for the 12.30 off. All welcome. Just bring a chocolate egg or two for the kiddies.



Ride Out to the 1,000 mph Bloodhound Project Saturday 6th May, 2017

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Southern section has invited the Oxford section to join them at the Bloodhound event on Saturday 6th May 2017 10.30am in Bristol:-


Ride Out to the Bike Shed 2017

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Chris Bond will be leading a ride out to Bike Shed 2017 on the 28th May 2017, leaving Peartree Services at 8.30am for breakfast at the Ace Cafe before leaving for the short journey to Tobacco Docks:-



The BMW Club Journal January 2017 – Oxford Section Report

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BMW Club Oxford Section Report for December 2016

A whole New Year of biking awaits us and the Section has produced a new tri-fold calendar so that you can add the dates of events you wish to attend in your new diaries you got for Christmas or in your electronic devices. Something to suit everyone we hope with day trips, continental tours, interesting talks, regular pub socials and of course lots of good food. We are sure there will be in addition many SNR’s to take advantage of the hoped for good weather.

Whilst we obviously hope for a safe riding season there are times when accidents do happen with the requirement for ‘someone’ to do something at the scene. The ‘Biker Down’ workshops are a good way to learn some of the skills required and 12 members of the section attended one on the 10th November. As Tim Bolderston pasted on the section face book page “Although the course only covers the basics, there is a lot in the course, and it is well worth attending. We learnt about managing the scene of the accident and giving first aid. We had Continue reading

Fancy a trip to the Lake District 4-7 August 2017?

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Dave Shorten has kindly arranged a trip to the Lakes staying at the Patterdale Hotel. I realise that this doesn’t qualify as “overseas” strictly, but there are a lot of large lakes in the destination and the scenery is reminiscent of the Alps!

For more details please see the flyer. NB No single rooms available.


A Trip to Kosovo

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Mark Powell and R1100GS

Mark Powell and R1100GS (Carla McKenzie)

On Sunday 11 December, we had an excellent talk from Mark Powell on his travels in the Balkans and Kosovo in particular. Mark mentioned a charity, The Ideas Partnership, which works to help children in Kosovo who would otherwise not receive any education. With Mark’s agreement, Geoff Clough made a donation to the charity, on behalf of the section, to thank Mark for travelling all the way from Hastings for the talk. Below is the reply we received from Kosovo so the money has been put to very good use – Happy Christmas!

Kindergarten in Kosovo

Kindergarten in Kosovo

Dear Geoff, Mark and everyone at the BMW Club Oxford Section,

We want to thank everyone for the kind donation! We are going to use it for the children in our kindergarten, to provide them with healthy snacks during the activities.

The kindergarten came as an idea from the Changemakers, a group of individuals from the communities of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian who saw the need for an early start in education with the children, getting them used to school environment and spending more time with other children. And this proved to be a very successful initiative, thanks to the support we have from people like you, after the first year of the kindergarten, the number of first graders dropping out of school dropped by more than 90% compared to the previous year!

Every day during the activities, we provide the children with a healthy snack. The cost per snack is 0.25 Euro per child per day, or 5 Euro per child per month, so your donations will cover the costs for 12 children for one month. The donation was very welcome especially because our budget line that is used to cover the snacks is running out, and we want the children to be well fed, as well as well educated. And now thanks to you, we can keep doing that.

And again, thank you very much on behalf of the children you’ve supported in Kosovo! Wishing you all the best, Donjetë Jashari

If anyone would like to make a donation to support the Ideas Partnership work in Kosovo please click here.

PS Thanks to Carla McKenzie for here excellent report and photos on Facebook