BMW Club Annual General Meeting 2017

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!…… The BMW club annual general meeting held in Tavistock opened with a rousing oration from the Town’s Cryer.

Just over 120 members battled through the near perfect weather to attend the meeting. Oxford section fielded 21 members, a good turn out considering the distance traveled, only being eclipsed by the South Western section with a count of 32, but not surprising as they were hosting the event.

Much of the business was routine and passed unanimously without incident. Then we got to the point in the proceedings of voting for a new president, to say that the preliminaries prior to the vote were without incident would be unfair, but you had to have been there to enjoy the entertainment that it provided. For those of you not present, you will have to find out for yourselves what took place. Nevertheless, once the air had cleared, the proceedings continued to the vote.

The good news is that:-

Ian Dobie was elected as the new BMW club president on a vote of 63.

Cliff Batley was a strong runner up with a vote of 54.

We now have a new BMW Club President with his own vision for how to move the club forward. I hope you will all congratulate Ian on his achievement and give him your full support.

P.S. With Ian’s promotion to the post of club president, his position as our section’s National Committee Representative is now vacant. This is a mandatory position which must be filled. We are therefore seeking a willing volunteer from among our members to fill this vacancy. Please give it some thought.

Proposed Andalucía Trip 13th May to 30th May, 2018

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Dear Members, We are currently organising a trip to Andalucía in May 2018 and I have outlined some ideas on the flyer below:-

Andalucia Trip 2018

BMW Club Oxford Section visit to Culham Open Evening

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SNR to Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

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We chose 30th March, for this SNR, as the weather prediction was good. Well it was to a degree. Six bikes and riders left, Peartree Services, in sunshine but it wasn’t long before black clouds appeared and the journey was almost in the dark, to the point where we didn’t really notice one of our number peeling off to go somewhere else. Hope he made it ok.

Next stop was for coffee, at Warwick services, and to join up with two more bikes and riders. During the coffee stop it started raining and continued to do so until Continue reading

The BMW Club Journal April 2017 – Oxford Section Report

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BMW Club Oxford Section Report for March 2017

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2017 organising several social events. Most of these planned events taking place in various restaurant or eating establishments throughout the year.

The first of these was a Sunday Lunch on the 19th February at the Crendon Indian Cuisine, Long Crendon, a good number of hardy souls made the event and an excellent time was enjoyed by all.

Saturday 25th February Tim Bolderston & Dave Tomlinson attended the new model launch at Bahnstormer Maidenhead to represent the Oxford Section. With nine new bikes and model updates launching on the day, there was something Continue reading

Guest Speaker Uffington 12th March 2017

No GravatarNeville Dalton Norway Adventures March 2017

Guest Speaker at 14 March 2017 Pub Social.

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Nick Houlton Natter Night March 2017 ver 4.0

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

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Yesterday evening we had the Oxford Section visit to the Culham Centre for Fusion Research (CCFE), which was very good. Thank you to the 23 attendees from the section for coming and asking some good questions. The visit was part of a larger open evening, we were two of the eight groups!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The evening started with a presentation by Sarah Fell to give us some background to the nuclear fusion research and during the visit we saw the (JET) Joint European Torus, currently the world’s largest fusion Tokamak which has reached temperatures of 150 million C during fusion ‘pulses’. JET was in maintenance mode during the visit so we were allowed to get quite close, inside the very thick shield doors that protect the scientists and engineers during experiments. Its difficult to give an idea of the scale and ambition of JET but we learnt that when the experiment is running it consumes about 2% of the entire national grid – the electricity bill is very large! The particle accelerators which perform the final stage of the heating process for the fusion plasma deliver the kinetic energy equivalent to a 400 tonne TGV train travelling at 212 mph colliding onto a fusion target 4g in size.

The short video shows a JET fusion pulse, the bright white areas are actually cooler as the dark areas are emitting higher energy x-rays beyond hitman vision.

We also visited the MAST (Meg-Amp Spherical Tokamak) which is newer and smaller than JET and is investigating how to design exhaust for Fusion Reactors. The fusion plasma eventually diffuses away and is still very hot, the amount of energy that has to be absorbed by the reactor walls is several megawatts per square meter – similar to the re-entry temperatures for the Space Shuttle. The pulse in the MAST is spherical, unlike the JET doughnut:

Both JET and MAST are carrying out research leading to a new, larger Tokamak ITER (for Tokamaks size does matter!) being built by the European Union, US, Japan, India, China, Korea and Russia in the South of France. fusion research is a very expensive and complex enterprise which needs international cooperation. The plan is that after ITER we would then see prototype fusion reactors being developed – lets hope CCFE and ITER are successful it will be good for our grand children!

This visit was a very enjoyable evening, thank you to Catherine Moxey for organising the trip and to all the staff at Culham who hosted us. Just a small plug we have a trip to the Diamond Light Source at Harwell in plan for 2018.

The BMW Club Journal March 2017 – Oxford Section Report

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BMW Club Oxford Section Report for Febuary 2017

No sooner had the New Year launched in a flurry of fireworks the first event of the year at the Lock, Stock & Barrel at Newbury proved as popular as ever. How the chef managed to break his wrist is not known but the pub managed to find a replacement at very short notice to feed us all very well. The staff did an excellent job of looking after everyone until the stand in chef could get the ovens up to Continue reading

Bahnstormer Maidenhead Product Launch 2017

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Tim Bolderston & Dave Tomlinson attended the new model launch at Bahnstormer Maidenhead to represent the Oxford Section.

Bahnstormer Maidenhead Product Launch Feb 2017