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    After the recent upgrade to IOS 11 Garmin have updated their SmartLink app for the mobile phone to version 2.70. This has caused the SmartLink app to drop the connection to the Nav V (or VI) after about 10 seconds. The bluetooth connection appears to be unaffected and the Nav will report everything is connected but the SmartLink app does not have an active link. Unfortunately owners will not be able to use Traffic updates and other live services they may have purchased from Garmin. See attached images on an iPhone and a Nav VI.

    The problem has been reported to both Garmin and BMW Motorrad, by North oxford Garage, there is no fix at the moment.

    PS The problem also occurs on IOS 10 with Smartlink 2.70 so it seems pretty likely that it is the app update which has caused the problem. I have no information on Android phones.

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    James McMinn

    this is an interesting one, I have just ridden home with the nav6 connected to my iPhone 6 with smartlink 2.7.0 and the connection was stable (although the music streaming was a tad jumpy but I suspect this was due to the scala g9 I use on my enduro lid) I am riding to Tunbridge Wells tomorrow so will see how stable the link is on a longer journey.



    Thanks James that’s useful information, which version of IOS are you on? If it does work with your iPhone and Nav the next thing would be to try my Nav VI with your iPhone and viva versa that might help pin point where the problem is? It’s a shame there is no log as far as I can see it would help speed things up😊


    James McMinn

    I’m still on 11.0.2 I have updated puma but BMW technical have put the ball in Garmins court. Will let you know how things perform.



    Thanks I am hoping to move to an IPhone 8 at the end of the month so that might fix it. If we are sure it’s my phone I could try a reset but it could be the Nav VI?

    PS the forum is easy to use on the phone as well.



    A bit more progress from Garmin this morning, I have an email giving instructions on how to record a log of Bluetooth interactions on the Nav VI whilst pairing and using the Smartlink app. We send this later today to Garmin.



    Garmin have sent me instructions for recording a log of Bluetooth operation:

    In order to assist you with the problems you are experiencing with Bluetooth, we will need to gather Bluetooth logs for your device:

    Please use the following directions to record your Bluetooth logs. This will allow us to determine the cause of the problem. Before following through the steps below, please ensure that the affected devices are not currently paired.

    To record Bluetooth logs:

    Touch the Volume button on the main menu
    Touch and hold the upper-right corner of the volume screen
    When the screen changes (between 5-10 seconds), touch Diagnostic Logging
    Touch Start Recording
    Touch General on some devices before this step
    Place a check mark next to BIN or binary by touching the box
    Place a check mark next to Bluetooth by touching the box
    Touch the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner
    Touch Start
    You should be taken to the map screen
    Only after starting the log recording as instructed above, please pair the device to your cell phone and/or headset (pairing with a headset is only available on certain devices). Please use the device as you have been for media, testing the various Bluetooth functions you are experiencing trouble with.

    Once you’ve recorded the logs, please touch the Stop button on the left-hand side of the map screen and press the back arrow until the Where To? View Map screen displays.

    Next, please reply to this email and attach the log files. You can find the log files by following these steps:

    Connect the device to your computer
    Open the Garmin drive once the device is recognized
    This drive will appear either in Computer or My Computer (Windows) or on the Desktop (Mac)
    Open the Logs folder
    If you’re using a Windows computer, you may have to open the Internal Storage item before this step
    Open the bin folder
    Please attach all files within this folder to your email reply

    I have recorded the log and have sent it top Garmin for further investigation. Steve



    Quick update as of 14/11/17 Garmin have just released a new version of SmartLink for IOS v 2.71 which fixes Bluetooth connectivity issues. Will Test shortly to see if the problem is fixed.



    The BAD NEWS is that even with Smartlink 2.71 it still won’t hold the connection to the iPhone. It establishes contact correctly the Nav and iPhone think all is well but the SmartLink app says it was last connected 1 minute ago! Very frustrating. I am still waiting to hear from the Garmin engineers.



    I am pleased to report that the latest device software update for the BMW Navigator version 4.90 seems to have fixed the smart link connection problem with iPhones (and Android devices). So this problem is now resolved!

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