Enjoyment is Key

The BMW Club is the only UK motorcycle club recognised by BMW. The BMW Club exists to help owners increase their enjoyment from owning, riding and enhancing their BMW motorcycle. The national club is organised into 15 sections and this website is for the Oxford section, which covers a triangular area from Devizes to Oxford and as fas as Reading, and all points in between! Please see the Where We Meet page for details of regular meeting locations and please consult the section web site for event details.

If you are a member of the BMW Club Oxford Section and would like to register for the site please choose the register link from the home page. Note non-members will NOT be registered! All club members are expected to take a charitable approach to blogging and any material deemed unsuitable may be removed and users accounts revoked, if needed, at the sole discretion of the administrators. Please do not post any advertisements on the site as these will be removed.

Hope you enjoy our website!

Derek Johnson, Chairperson BMW Club Oxford Section.

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  1. All part of the service Dave perhaps the BMW Club should have a Christmas gift catalogue?

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