Getting routes from MRA

Downloading MyRoute-app rides from a Meetup webpage

Carl Flint and James O’Shea

You have seen an Upcoming event you like on Meetup and have responded using the red Attend button. It’s always a good idea to take a closer look at the route and download it to your navigation device. This article will explain how to do this.

There is also a MyRoute-app tutorial explaining the process at:

After clicking on an event in our Meetup group, e.g. ( using a desktop/laptop/iPad/tablet you will see this:

This is the Chiltern Vistas ride. Click on the ride title and the full details will be displayed. It includes a link to the MyRoute-app route. Click on the blue link.

You will see this route displayed. To upload it to your device, click on the blue Use route button.

You will now see this message.

If you have a MyRoute-app account, do the following: (if not, skip this section)

If you have a MyRoute-app account, tap the Log in blue button and the route will be shown in full. The blue menu bar displays the route name, followed by a [+ Use route] button, so if you tap on this it will be added to your routes in MyRoute-app

To download this route to your device, connect it via a USB cable (able to charge the device and also able to transfer data) to your Desktop/Laptop and click on Export.

If you have not done so already, you will first need to download and install a small software program called ‘connector’ on your computer by clicking on the [Windows or macOS} in the dialog box below:

Next click on Open Route.

Then, in the Select your device drop down box, select Garmin old (GPX 1.0) [NOT GPX 1.1] if you are exporting to a BMW Navigator V or VI. Then click on Export to device

You will then get a message saying the export was successful and an invitation to enjoy the route.

If you do not have a MyRoute-app account, do the following:

Tap on the Save as gpx1.1 route (route, track, POI) button. You will be asked, Do you want to start the download? Tap on Download

This will start the download process and add the Chiltern Vistas route to your Downloads folder in your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Once in the Downloads folder, locate the file and if you double click on it and if you have Basecamp installed it will open the route in Basecamp. Make sure that you save the route in the GPX 1.0. format. If you save in the GPX 1.1 format, the route may appear as straight lines once opened up in Trip Planner, meaning you will need to recalculate the route by for example, changing the Transportation mode.

The image above shows the Grange Saunderton GPX 1.0 in the Downloads folder in the Files app on an iPad (you might be using your desktop or laptop and see the same file in your downloads folder).

Connect your device to your Desktop/Laptop/iPad or Tablet and wait for it to show up in the File manager. The screenshot below shows how it appears in the Files app on an iPad. The device appears as Garmin and you will see the GPX folder on the Nav device. Copy the file from the Downloads folder on the iPad/desktop or laptop and paste it into the GPX folder on the Nav. When you go to the Trip Planner module of your Nav V/VI you will be asked if you want to import the route? Click on yes and then view the route to check it.

This is a short introduction to downloading a Meetup route onto your device. We hope this will encourage you to give it a try.

Originally posted 2020-03-25 15:58:40.


Author: drdrsteve