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A simple device to help lift a Motorcycle on to its Centre Stand.

Author Bob Mack, Inventor Graham Chapple

It’s generally assumed that it’s the larger motorcycles that are difficult to heave on to their main stands.

These days that’s not necessarily true. A GSA or RT, for example, generally seem to have a well thought out main stand, where body weight alone will be sufficient to lever the bike on to the stand.

Some of the smaller motorcycles, F800GT for example, almost have to be lifted off the ground on to the centre stand. Bad for the riders backs and good for the hernia doctors!

Motorcycles that have been lowered slightly, suffer from the same problem unless expensive modifications are made to the stand arrangement.

Graham Chapple came up with a solution. A wooden block, with a taper, to run the motorcycles rear wheel onto. Small enough to be carried on the motorcycle if necessary. There won’t be a perfect thickness that suits all applications and home made blocks can be fashioned to suit the application.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the blocks use. It also shows clearly that the stand is badly proportioned and gives no mechanical advantage.


Originally posted 2020-03-25 22:00:35.


Author: bobmack70