TVAA and Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR)

Oxford Meetup® Rides(OMR) in support of Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA)
by Dave Tomlinson

As part of my Social Secretary activities within the club, I am always interested in chatting to members new and old who may have an idea that is worthy of further investigation, and rideouts come to mind, i.e. the more the club helps you to use your bike the more likely you are to stay as a member and hopefully introduce new members too…

What we have done is to come up with a new way of organising rideouts using both new social media and the existing methods of communication. This has resulted in a lot more potential rideouts, although the current COVID-19 situation means that it will be a while before they become actual, real rideouts. Because we are using Meetup® we have called them Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR for short). Anyone can join Meetup® for free and sign up for the new rideouts. which will also be advertised by Rosemary’s emails.

Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR) give you: –

  • Without changing the existing weekend rideouts, more mid week riding on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Rideout dates listed 3 months ahead, with routes for information / download
  • Rideouts of short duration – 80 miles: Coffee before 10.00; start at 10.30; leg stretch 11.45; lunch (café/pub) approx. 12.45. Disperse for fast route home 14.00 – 14.30.
  • Routes posted prior to ride on Meetup® using MyRoute-app (a social route building app ) for members information that is easy to use, where the route is saved as a gpx 1.0 file that can be loaded onto a navigation device, if desired.
  • A Meetup® website that can be accessed using a PC or a smartphone app.
  • Full details in Meetup® of members attending, meeting and finishing points, names of hosts, photos of leaders and riders, RSVP details, bad weather check, personal responsibilities on ride, drop-off (corner man) and buddy system info and public comments.
  • Automatic emails generated by Meetup® with confirmations and reminders.

As a result, we have planned two midweek rides per month. These will recommence in earnest after the current COVID-19 period is over. This will be in aid of TVAA, so a collection “tin” will be present during the day for any contributions and please donate as generously as you feel able to.

We also have a supply of stickers which advertise the section and Meetup® events, for those joining any of the rideouts.

The rideouts are all hosted by the Meetup® group BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders and we will continue to promote them as group events:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Uffington Indoor Meeting Presentations
  • Section Facebook Page
  • Section Website
  • Rosemary’s member emails
  • Liaison with North Oxford Garage (NOG) & Bahnstormer, and their customers
  • Sharing the Meetup® app with Southern & Western Sections
  • National Section Facebook and Webpages
  • Welcoming guests who ride with us, with a view to joining the club

For more information about the Meetup® app, see the links below:

Sign up:

Join The Group:

Proposed Rideouts:

More Info:

Hope to see you on a rideout soon, safe riding in 2020
Dave Tomlinson

Originally posted 2020-03-27 18:59:45.


Author: Dave Tomlinson