TVAA and Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR)

Oxford Meetup® Rides(OMR) in support of Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA)
by Dave Tomlinson

What we have done is to come up with a new way of organising rideouts using both new social media and the existing methods of communication. Because we are using Meetup® we have called them Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR for short). Anyone can join Meetup® for free and sign up for the new rideouts. which will also be advertised by Rosemary’s emails.

Oxford Meetup® Rides (OMR) give you: –

  • Without changing the existing weekend rideouts, more mid week riding on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Rideout dates listed 3 months ahead, with routes for information / download
  • Rideouts of short duration – 80 miles: Coffee before 10.00; start at 10.30; leg stretch 11.45; lunch (café/pub) approx. 12.45. Disperse for fast route home 14.00 – 14.30.
  • Routes posted prior to ride on Meetup® using MyRoute-app (a social route building app ) for members information that is easy to use, where the route is saved as a gpx 1.0 file that can be loaded onto a navigation device, if desired.
  • A Meetup® website that can be accessed using a PC or a smartphone app.
  • Full details in Meetup® of members attending, meeting and finishing points, names of hosts, photos of leaders and riders, RSVP details, bad weather check, personal responsibilities on ride, drop-off (corner man) and buddy system info and public comments.
  • Automatic emails generated by Meetup® with confirmations and reminders.

As a result, we have planned two midweek rides per month. This will be in aid of TVAA, so a collection “tin” will be present during the day for any contributions and please donate as generously as you feel able to.

We also have a supply of stickers which advertise the section and Meetup® events, for those joining any of the rideouts.

The rideouts are all hosted by the Meetup® group BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders and we will continue to promote them as group events:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Uffington Indoor Meeting Presentations
  • Section Facebook Page
  • Section Website
  • Geoff”s member emails
  • Liaison with North Oxford Garage (NOG) & Bahnstormer, and their customers
  • Sharing the Meetup® app with Southern & Western Sections
  • National Section Facebook and Webpages
  • Welcoming guests who ride with us, with a view to joining the club

For more information about the Meetup® app, see the links below:

Sign up:

Join The Group:

Proposed Rideouts:

More Info:

Hope to see you on a rideout soon, safe riding in 2020
Dave Tomlinson

Originally posted 2020-03-27 18:59:45.


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