6 thoughts on “American Review of 2014 R1200RT

  1. Hi adsAndy, have read the review it does seem to come to similar conclusions to the BMW Club test which is due to be published in the May Journal. Overall a very good bike. I must admit I have never noticed any vibrations at all on my 2013 R1200GS LC and the engine does smooth out a lot around 5,000 miles.

    The other question is what should this generation of boxers be known as? We have had airheads, oil heads, hex heads and now it seems ‘washer boxers’ or ‘wet heads’ – not sure which is best! Steve

  2. ..nice bike, but if only they made an RS version then we would have a nice balance between tour and sport…..one day maybe?

  3. Just purchased the June issue ‘RIDE ‘ Magazine .
    For U.K test report . Cheers. John

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