An Evening with Charlie Boorman Thursday February 6th

An Evening with Charlie Boorman
An Evening with Charlie Boorman

Bahnstormer have arranged an evening with Charlie Boorman, at their Maidenhead showroom. Members can find out more about the event and book tickets at .



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4 thoughts on “An Evening with Charlie Boorman Thursday February 6th

  1. My name is on the guest list… Hummmmm
    Apparently , two young ladies on the door will be checking you into the dealership !
    so, “If your name isn’t on the list ,you ain’t coming in !”
    I am told 30 remaining places at his point ,so if you want to go …….be quick !!

  2. Ps…
    If this doesn’t float your boat ,you REALLY need to see our very own Nigel Richardson’s (UK to Beijing trip highlights ). I can highly reccommend his talks !
    Uffington village hall Sunday 9th February 2014

  3. This was a great night . Alastair, at Bahnstormers fitted nearly 200 people seated within the showroom at Maidenhead!
    I had some finger food and a beer to kick off the evening ,followed by Charley giving a 45 min potted history of himself .
    Starting as a boy growing up with a film director father (re-counted story of his father driving off from a restaurant with a drunken ‘Lee Marvin ‘ hanging onto the roof of the car and being stopped by the police ! ( you had to be there) to more topical motorcycle trip interests.
    There was some video input . Him learning to use a ‘bull-whip ‘ …badly , drew plenty of laughs ( I know Wendy and I had seen this before, and enjoyed his efforts and shared his pain !) he was very entertaining ,up front and honest. (general relationships, dyslexia ,testicular cancer etc )
    I had a better opinion of him by the end !!
    Well done Charley .

  4. Hi John, thanks for the report on the evening it sounds like a good time was had by all. Best wishes Steve

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