Biker Down course in Oxford


Thursday evening saw another run through the Biker Down course from the Oxfordshire Fire Service, arranged by John Broad especially for the Oxford Section. Twelve BMW members turned up at the Slade fire station and spent three hours finding out what to do when they come across a motorcycle road accident.

Although the course only covers the basics, there is a lot in the course, and it is well worth attending. We learnt about managing the scene of the accident and giving first aid. We had some practice removing each others helmets and handling the great variety of straps clips and latches holding the helmets on. We also got to practice CPR on the dummies and putting each other into the recovery position.

The latest advice on being visible is to wear a bright single colour with full sleeves. This is to present a familiar outline to drivers who expect to see a rider sitting on a bike. Many of the current high visibility markings are remarkably similar to the disruptive patterns used by the military for camouflage. Rather surprisingly this advice would exclude many of the BMW suits available and the various tabards we use. Changing lane position when approaching a junction helps as well.

Thanks to John Broad for organising access to a very informative session.

Oxfordshire Fire Service have issued the following summary of key points from the course:

Your Biker Down aide memoire


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