BMW Club Photographic Challenge 2014

View from Walbury Hill on the North Downs
View from Walbury Hill on the North Downs

The Oxford Section of the BMW Club invite all Club members to a photographic competition to visit ALL selected ‘targets’ within a sixty mile radius of Oxford and to photograph them with your BMW featured in the picture, to win a valuable coveted prize(still being negotiated) in various categories. These categories can include; Best portfolio, best individual picture, best action picture, best humorous picture and best ‘free choice’ target picture. One of the prizes for a winning picture could be the front cover of the Journal subject to the Editors final choice on digital top quality images and ‘portrait’ format so bear this in mind when arranging your ‘set’ with supportive narrative of your event.

You can start your journey as soon as you receive your list of targets is available and ends when your completed portfolio is presented to the Oxford Section Social Secretary before the Oxford AGM on the 9th November 2014 when they will be judged. NOTE Computer manipulated pictures will not be accepted.

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Please click the link to see a map of the photographic challenge targets:

BMW Club Photographic Challenge 2014 Map

Please enjoy this experience, ride safely and pray for some decent weather again. I have one ask though, please don’t hit the tiny village of Ripple en masse, even though it used to be on a major coaching route in times past and the Inn has long gone!


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