BMW K1600GT Launch Report – Bahnstormer Motorrad

On Saturday March 19th Oxford and Southern sections attended the Bahnstormer K1600GT (and GTL) launch at Bahnstormer near Alton. Incredibly for March the weather was really good, more like California than England so the riding was very pleasant.

The launch was very well attended, with Geoff Clough, Rob Allin, John Hillier, John Ottway and Steve Moxey from the Oxford Section with Erica Body, John Mann, Chris (and others, sorry did not get all the names!) from Southern.

The stars of the show were of course the K1600s. Bahnstormer had cunningly obtained four bikes, two for the new dealership in Bracknell, shortly to be opened. The K1600GT comes in silver and red and the GTL in silver and black.

The K1600GT six cylinder engine looks very impressive and sounds very good, with a distinct rasp, even in the showroom! The bike also has a new dash and control system with a wheel on the left hand twistgrip. The sat nav is cleverly integrated and locked in place with the screen. Panniers are apparently slightly larger at 50L than before and most importantly the K1600GT is much easier to get on the centrestand than a K1300GT! How good the bike is will only come from the riding of course.

The BMW Club also managed to recruit a number of new members at the event, so thanks to Alistair and Paul for allowing us to recruit during the event.


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  1. Test rode both the GTL and the GT on Wednesday 23/3/11 for an hour each in all that beautiful sunshine. First impressions – engine sounded very busy, idling around 1000rpm ( not knocking this, just very different to what I’ve become used to). It is, as all the press have said, very smooth with loads of power. Gearbox was also very slick which is again a little difficult to get used to after the clunky boxers that I’ve come to love. The fly by wire throttle took a bit of a time to master, particularly from a standing start. It is so so sensitive I kept over revving it when pulling away. That said, both machines handle well on the open road and through busy Oxford city centre traffic. Biggest issue for me was the seat height particularly on the GLS which on the test bike had a low seat option fitted and there is only one level of adjustment on both models. The low seat on the GLS, even on the high setting was frankly not comfortable for my long legs. The GT had the standard seat and on the high setting proved much more comfortable. They are both very interesting models and I will be back with my erstwhile pillion to investigate more throughly all the options etc.

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