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Just read the Ride report of the K1600GT on tour with the ST1300 and GTR1400. Now I know that motorcycle road tests are meant to be taken with a bucket of salt but even so. The testers seemed to have difficultly operating the control, complaining about the throttle being too direct but not being capable of shifting out of dynamic mode (too much bother apparently!).

Quite surprisingly the K1600GT adaptive headlight got panned and was thought worse than the main beam, well now you can judge for yourself. Here is a test ride of the K1600GT adaptive headlight, just look when the rider switches on main beam and see what you think – its a good video.

The manoeuvrability of the K1600GT was called into question so have a look at this demonstration by an expert at a BMW Open Day in the US (he was even on a GTL!):

Finally Ride seemed to find it difficult to provide a wet weight for the ST1300, the GTR1400 and the K1600GT were only reported as wet weight so to help them out the figure is 319kg + 6kg for ABS = 325kg, 6kg more than the K1600GT!!

PS Don’t think I will try the wheelies on mine even so!


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3 thoughts on “BMW K1600GT Videos

  1. Journalists rides should never be taken seriously. They ruined the chances of the Hesketh by saying that the gearbox was notchy. I suppose it was compared with a Honda Super Dream but they should have tried a Harley Dynaglide Sport, of the time, then they would know what notchy was.
    The lights and wheel spin look impressive.

  2. “The maneuverability of the K1600GT was called into question”
    I wonder if the topbox and panniers were full and a pillion on the back in a gravel off camber car park etc. etc.
    This bike is heavy no getting over it, yes “it looses its weight when rolling” they all do but I drop them (bikes that is) at speeds less than 2mph. If you can’t cope with the weight then get a 1300 GT and if that’s too much get the 1200 RT or the forgotten 1200R simples.
    The bigger issue is reliability in the early days/years, BMW it seems has problems with the bath tub curve for the first 2 years into a new models life examples include, 1200GS rear shaft and fuel pump, F800 piston slap and ABS, and 1600GT (a bit too soon to judge) but early reports of oil and fuel leaks and electronics locking up.


  3. Hi Brian, you are quite right technically it is known as the ‘experience effect’. Things tend to get cheaper and better as manufacturers get more experience. So there is always risk with being the early adopter, of course there is the benefit of having the nice shiny new motorcycle! It may be that BMW has been accelerating the rate of introduction of new models of late which highlights this effect. In the good old days we had just one model line air head boxers R100/80 ( and a half including R45/65) whereas now we have K1600, S1000RR, K1300, R1200, F800/650, G650 and soon the Concept C scooter . The price of progress I suppose – but as you say if in doubt one can always wait until the early adopters have knocked the rough edges off. One advantage of a successful model (the K1600 seems to be selling very well) is that this happens faster!

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