Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 2015 by John Broad

An early start was required to be on site with the stand set up and the car parked by the 09.00 time deadline set out by the organisers but we made it. The team were already on the stand location before we arrived with the gazebo, flags, table, chairs and advertising material and set to with great gusto to have everything in place before the masses of the public were let in.

Unlike previous years the main field was not used for parking bikes but had been turned over to the many dealers, sales outlets, etc and we found ourselves rather cramped between a couple of other bike clubs. The main BMW Motorrad stand dominated the field although the Triumph stand was equally impressive but set back in the field. Many of our friends from North Oxford Garage and from Wolaston Northampton could be seen working on the stand and some popped over to say hello with our team reciprocating.

With a relatively new Adventure GS LC owned by Martin Skennerton, Ian Dobie’s GS, Dave Shank’s quite new F800 GT, Chaz Manson brought his restored R100 RS and Dave Hicks had his 1957 R50, which is for sale. Alistair Gibson, a local resident to the event, kindly brought his superb 1936 R5 with its amazing history as a definite crowd puller, placed across the front of the display.
The team worked the crowd with many interesting conversations and lots of interest about the club but not many takers for the membership offer being made.

The sounds of bikes being thrashed up and down the High Street prompted us to wander along to see what was going on. With everything from scooters to cruisers and race bikes to trikes it was an amazing display. As has often been said, being close to a couple of little Honda fours on full chat is a good way to get the wax out of your ears! An unusual parade of Tri-Kings, which for those who aren’t into these things are kit built three wheelers that at first sight look like Morgans but are powered by Moto Guzzi engines. The skinny front tyres looked like they were about to be torn off the rim as the machines were powered round the bottom bend and onto the straight up the hill. Being able to see and hear those old racers such as AJS, Norton, Matchless, Triumph triples and the gorgeous sound of the Benelli four make a visit to the event worth it for this alone. Further down the High Street could be seen some amazing custom machines, many with amazing paintwork. What was the most amazing bike at the show? Well perhaps it was the Boss Hoss with an 8.2 litre Chevy V8 AND Nitrous Oxide injection!

At the end of the day the team did a great job dismantling everything and stowing it all away before they too set off for home, you have my sincere thanks.

Next year we will try to get more room and just maybe a position closer to the Motorrad stand to make a complete package for BMW customers of great bikes and a great club.

John LB

06 Oxford Section stand Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 20150816



Author: bobmack70