BMW Club GS Day Report

On Saturday April 27th we held the BMW Club GS Day with Bahnstormer Motorrad at Maidenhead. The day started early at the Ace Cafe for breakfast to see Nigel Richardson leaving for Beijing with Globebusters….

all back together

All finished back in one piece just waiting for a test ride and its mot now the  Cleaner  stuff I won in the raffle works well, better than Auto Glyme, but very expensive, glad I won some

This is what conservatories were made for

new tyres,new shocks and  set of points, adjust and clean, all ready for  mot

BMW R100GS Head Repaired!

My R100GS cylinder head has now been expertly repaired by Roger Bennett Engineering of Huddersfield. The head has been welded to repair the crack and a new exhaust nut thread cut. This is what the…

R100GS Serious Head Problem!

  Plenty of expensive work here to fix this problem, handy work of a previous owner. As a new R100GS head plus valves is £600 and secondhand ones are like hens teeth this is certainly…

Bing, Bling! Carburettors now clean

  Just waiting to go back on the R100GS, the Bings have been vapour blasted by Doug Cox, Reading. Doug does an excellent job and the price was very reasonable.  

Vampire Brakes!

Bob suggested using a vacuum bleeding system for brakes. So here is a photo of the ‘Vampire’ brake bleeding system from Venhill. It is well made and comes in a nice case. More importantly it…

R100GS Renovation

Here is a picture of my R100GS undergoing renovation. The gearbox is off to replace the clutch and the rear bevel drive and swinging arm are removed. The swinging arm bearings need replacing and I…

The Ultimate R100 ‘Rat Bike’

John Wheeler rode his R100S to Uffington, described as the ultimate ‘Rat Bike’ by John!! The bike is a sort of cafe racer, minimalist style.