R100GS Renovation

Here is a picture of my R100GS undergoing renovation. The gearbox is off to replace the clutch and the rear bevel drive and swinging arm are removed.

The swinging arm bearings need replacing and I am going to replace the needle roller bearings on the rear paralever with phosphor bronze bushes from Rubber Chicken Racing in the US, not sure what a rubber chicken is exactly but hopefully there will be no similarities to the bushes!


Had lots of trouble with the silencer mounting bolts, two of these had rusted in and the heads sheared off, luckily I was able to drill them out and tap an M6 thread into the hole which should hopefully be stronger. The socket head bolts are now all stainless steel with plenty of coppergrease to lubricate the threads. A replacement stainless silencer for an R100GS is more than £300 so I was very relieved when this worked. Many thanks to Bob Mack for his suggestions on how to tackle this.


I have categorised this post as airheads so please use this for anything to do with the older bikes.


Author: drdrsteve