Change of Theale Natter night

Hi folks,

The Theale natter night is moving on nicely, but the pub has decided to have a music evening on Tuesdays which is a bit too noisy for us to hear ourselves speak. We have had a chat about it and decided to move it to the 4th Wednesday of the month instead of the 4th Tuesday.

So the February natter night will now be on Wednesday 26th February.

The dates will now be:
Wednesday February 26th
Wednesday March 26th
Wednesday April 23rd
Wednesday May 28th
Wednesday June 25th
Wednesday July 23rd
Wednesday August 27th
Wednesday September 24th
Wednesday October 22nd
Wednesday November 26th
Thursday December 18th

There are a couple of anomalies. The October date will be one day after the Sun Inn because the 1st of October is on a Wednesday. Also we have left the December date as Thursday 18th December, (ie a Thursday instead of a Wednesday)

We look forward to seeing you there. I am sorry for this change, but it will help us to retain our hearing

Steve Wicks


Author: bmwk1600gt