Chasing the Sun …. East to West Coast UK

East - West Ride Skegness to Barmouth
East – West Ride Skegness to Barmouth

LAST CALL for Chasing the Sun East – West coast ride!

You can still make bookings to come (see below) , we are meeting to leave from Starbucks at Peartree Services, Oxford at 13:30 Friday, let me know if we should expect you John Ottaway.

In brief  …the plan is to ride from Skegness on the East Coast to Barmouth on the West coast  (1 days  riding on a Saturday  )   This would mean an overnight in  Skegness on the Friday and another in Barmouth or surrounds on the Saturday before travelling home on the Sunday or Monday, whatever suits your needs.

 **** I will only be organising the ride day NOT the weekend !! ***

We have booked into the Knighton Lodge Hotel in Skegness on Friday and Geoff and Steve are at the Tyr Graig Castle Hotel in Barmouth for Saturday and Sunday. Other hotels are available nearby see for example, you need to make your own bookings for accommodation.


START.   08.30.hrs Saturday 3rd May 2014      SKEGNESS PIER  (est sunrise 05.30 Hrs)

FINISH.    Late afternoon Saturday 3rd May 2014       BARMOUTH TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE  (est sunset about. 20.30 hrs )

ROUTE      Probably in region of 250 miles (at least 8 hours ) taking in the Peak District and Snowdonia Wales .  i.e. Rough draft of  Skegness – Lincoln  – Worksop – Chesterfield ( see ‘crooked spire ‘)  –  Eyam ( plague village ) – Millers Dale – Buxton –  (Cat and Fiddle  pub)- Chester -Wrexham  -( Ponderosa cafe @horseshoe pass ) – Llangollen – Bala – Transfynydd – llanelltyd  – Barmouth.

Phew! John


Author: John Ottaway

GSA rider.

6 thoughts on “Chasing the Sun …. East to West Coast UK

  1. Hi John, yes sounds a cool idea to me. I think you are right overnights at the start and end would be needed. I am sure we would be interested. How about Saturday 21st June, the summer solstice and longest day? Perhaps it could be a Solstice Run there might be some suitable monument to see on the way?
    Best wishes Steve

  2. Great idea Steve ,and one that hadn’t escaped me !
    Unfortunately , my planning lends itself to personal issues ,whereby it doesnt clash with ‘decided club ride outs ‘ , and my other interests .
    Still , you could repeat it with some knowledge checks thrown in for good measure !! OR. Plan a separate Summer Solstice Ride out similarly Cheers. John

  3. I like the idea John too close to our own holiday to go this time.
    Just an idea but would you be able to invite other bmw clubs along the way? So the theme could be about meeting other sections members and maybe getting them to lead the group across their patch?

  4. Another good suggestion Brian . (I think something like this has been tried in the past by the East Anglia Section ?)
    I just wanted to do a ‘good chunk’ of riding ,meandering through the national parks , as we pass by . I believe your idea would be more suitable on a slightly longer ride ,without the time constraints .
    This is really an ‘open invite ‘ , should club members like to join me .
    Thanks for your input though . Cheers John

  5. Ok . The plan stands as outlined above . Same route, ( now in my GPS) with appropiate stops . The only problem you may encounter is with accommodation…….as it’s over the Bank Holiday weekend !
    I have secured one night in Skegness on the Friday , and TWO nights in Barmouth for Saturday and Sunday ( might as well ) , for myself and Wendy .
    It’s a go …. Over to you riders !

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