ESA Shock, shock!

What do you do when you see oil like this………on bottom of your ESA shock?


I recommend you lie down before making the call to a dealer because the BMW replacement is £1500 plus fitting. Luckily, I was sitting down already so I only had to clear up the spilt coffee. The actual shock, regardles of whether it is an Ohlin or a WP unit, cannot be rebuilt.

The best option is to take off your complete unit which looks like this and is a simple DIY job………………

GSA ESA shock

……….Take it to a Wilbers Agent who will take off your motor units and put them on to a Wilbers Shock and it ends up looking like the Unit on the right…..the orange spring denotes the ESA application, apparently.


Several benefits with this solution. It still works perfectly with the existing ESA software. Although it’s still costly, at £600, the Guarantee is for 5 years and the unit can be rebuilt or serviced in the future. In addition it is built to your specification. For example ride height can be specified or extra spring rate can be added if you always carry a passenger and luggage. I expect there are loads of other things you can specify dependant on use and inside leg measurement.

The agent is very enthusiastic about his product and claims it to be much better than the original. It’s difficult to confirm that claim, as mine was not working very well as a shock absorber…………but the new unit certainly stopped the traction control working overtime on bumpy roads.

Of course they can take more money off you if you have the front done as well. That will look like the left hand unit in the picture above.



Author: bobmack70

6 thoughts on “ESA Shock, shock!

  1. Hi Bob, it looks an interesting option, I will certainly consider it once the GSA is back from the US as the suspension will be feeling a bit knackered (probably like the riders!). I assume the Wilbers people would remove, rebuild and fit the units for more money if you took the bike to them? Steve

  2. Yep they do a complete service . You place the order and pay 50% upfront. Once the units are in their hands they arrange an appoinment. You turn up and leave the bike, go walkies into Halesowen, for a few hours, and they do the work. Then you pay the balance and ride home. Bob

  3. hello John……….it was just 4 years old and 10500 miles. BMW did look at offering financial help, which was decent of them. Half the cost but £100 on top to fit the new one but that still came to abot £850 and only 1 year warranty on the part and of course still not rebuildable.


  4. That’s not what I said!!!!!
    Despite the oily mess and the risk of it getting on the back tyre, the shock wasn’t absorbing bumps, anymore, the traction control was kicking in on bumpy roads all the time as you accelerated……works properly now.

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