Faulty R1200GS Fuel Pump

We broke down on the way to Bellagio leaving Lezzeno. We got going again after shaking the tank so it was fuel related. Put more fuel in at Bellagio. Geoff and Rob left on the car ferry to Varenna. Catherine and I rode the bike over the hills to Erba to Valsecchi BMW who were fantastic! Despite speaking no English they diagnosed a faulty fuel pump and replaced it in lightning time (after opening 20 minutes late from lunch, this is Italy after all!). We were underway in under 1 hour from arrival, so we cancelled our hotel booking in Como and headed off to Lake Constance to join Geoff and Rob.

Below is a photo of the old pump. It is a different part number from the new one, which looked very different. This suggests BMW have updated the design. Some Swedish BMW riders in Bellagio told us they had replaced their fuel pumps as well.


Author: drdrsteve

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  1. hello Steve, It sounds as if you and the Bike are having an adventure of your own.
    Was the pump controller the reason the battery was flat?

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