Lock Stock and Barrel New Year’s Day

Some more photos by John Broad of the Lock Stock and Barrel lunch on New Year’s day in Newbury. By the way the LSB is closed for refurbishment at the moment so if anyone is thinking of visiting for lunch it might be worth checking they have reopened!

John Broad is in hospital this week for a shoulder operation following a fall on an icy path, we all wish John a speedy recovery!


Author: drdrsteve

1 thought on “Lock Stock and Barrel New Year’s Day

  1. Many thanks for all the offers of help in my current predicament. The operation to reattach the tendons in my shoulder is scheduled for the 19th and I know that the cure is going to be worse than the original injury but better than losing mobility of my arm. As I’ll be off the bike for a few months I’ll be relying on reports to be able to produce the regular Journal entries. Regards from John L Broad

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