One Week on a Commando ! Meetup RVP @ Hellfire Caves.


I really look forward to our monthly Pub Social held at the Dashwood Arms, Piddington. Good company, good humour and good beer. For the present, the club’s ‘Meetup’ fellowship is hosting our cinema and Beerfests and helping everyone to get up-to-speed with the wonder that is Zoom. This week our film focus switched from New Zealand to Canada and the tale of a young guy, Ben Tyler diagnosed with cancer. Treatment can wait until Ben has traversed Canada from Toronto to Vancouver on his newly purchased Norton Commando.


A thoughtful tale, well told with many interactions on the way. We try to minimise the cost of cinema seats (at your’s!) by selecting films available on YouTube, Amazon Prime or low-cost rental. We Zoom-meet for a chat, catch-up, and intro to the film for about 30 mins before breaking away to enjoy the film. We have a discussion afterwards and usually a short quiz (with PRIZE!). We are still working on the format which is in development.



All Oxford BMW Club members are very welcome to join the Meetup group which is primarily intended to promote weekday rideouts. How-to-join details at:


This week we had about a dozen members join the event. It was a pleasure to welcome Liz Elvidge, the Editor of the BMW Journal based up in Yorkshire. A closely fought quiz, after a few tech glitches resulted in Catherine and Steve emerging as rightful champions! A golden prize is winging its way to them, via Royal Mail. Our next event is at The Cherry Tree, Steventon. Our quiz master will be Geoff Clough. More details at: events/270457623/

Featured film is ‘Somewhere Else Tomorrow’.

Please join us there (virtually!).


Author: James O'Shea

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