ONHERBIKE – Around the World on a BMW F800GS

Her name is Kinga Tanajewska, born in Poland in 1981 and after graduating as an Engineer she emigrated to Australia. She is currently travelling around the world on her BMW F800GS and can be followed on her YouTube Channel 102 posts so far!

As a 30 something female solo adventure bike rider, she has already travelled from Australia via The Far East, The Middle East, Eastern Europe to East and Southern Africa. She is currently in Malawi.

Kinga has an engaging personality and seems very capable of making friends with local people wherever she goes. Her photgraphy includes some drone footage. Her antics on and off the bike are a bit like Marmite®. You either love her doing a side kick jump and standing on top of her parked bike … or not!

The whole journey is about giving you a flavour of the countries visited, rather than long periods of scenic riding.

There are some spills along the way which demonstrate the reality of solo riding in remote parts of the world.

Happy viewing!



Originally posted 2021-04-17 13:20:07.


Author: geoffbmwox