Ride out to Stowe

On a beautifully sunny Sunday morning 21 bikes assembled at Pear tree services for a ride out to Stowe Gardens. As the bikes arrived there was much convivial conversation amongst the members and we were pleased to welcome some new faces to the ride out.

A beautiful sunny morning at Pear tree
A beautiful sunny morning at Pear tree

There was however some scrutiny of the lead bike, which was referred to the Chairman for inspection, it was subsequently passed as a bona fide BMW, if the exact model remained a mystery.

There were some questions raised about the authenticity of one of the bikes ......
There were some questions raised about the authenticity of one of the bikes ……

The riders briefing ensued and an appeal made to the assembled members  from the lead rider to make sure they all turned up at the finish. They all agreed to give it their best shot (the lead rider later going on to do his best to lose them at the first roundabout!)

The Sermon
The Sermon

The ride began winding through the local back roads which provided fantastic  panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, taking us through Bletchingdon, Islip and Long Crendon to end up at Brill Hill, our halfway point.

"I can see my house from here"
“I can see my house from here”

Refreshments were taken at the local hostelry, known as The Pheasant, to re-hydrate after a sizzlingly hot ride.

We can see you!
We can see you!

Brill is the location of one of the few remaining Post Mills in the Country

"Wendy Miller"
“Wendy Miller”

Dating back to 1680 this is certainly one of the best preserved in the country for its age (that is the one towards the rear in the above photograph)

After taking on our fill of refreshments we set off on the second leg of our ride out to Stowe Gardens. Again sticking to the back roads we avoided the traffic of the day, going through Grendon Underwood and Gawcott on our way to Stowe. We diverted slightly to take in the impressive approach into the estate. Riding down the straight undulating road known as Grand  Avenue, you see the impressive Corinthian arch in the distance as you make your approach. No less impressive was seeing the line of bikes on the avenue, who by now were in convoy.

The very organised staff at Stowe were expecting us, they ensured we were safely parked and made us feel very welcome. After a count of the bikes, the Lead rider was relieved to find there were still 21 Bikes at the end of the ride out.

Can we thank all those who turned out on the day and for making our first organised ride out so memorable.

Steve & Louise





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  1. A great ride out with sunny weather to boot .
    Well done both , enjoyed it a lot .

  2. Great ride and an excellent post. I am not sure we had the full complement of ‘tassels’ on the lead ‘BMW’ standards must be slipping! Looking forward to next year already…Steve

  3. I enjoyed this report almost as much as the rideout! Many thanks to Steve and Louise for arranging a fantastic day. The approach to Stowe along the Grand Avenue was breathtaking.

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