Somewhere Else Tomorrow . . . The Cherry Tree pub social.


Film Nite at the Cherry Tree pub social this week was a bit unexpected. The two previous films had been slick, lots of production and probably made with a generous budget. Not the case with “Somewhere Else Tomorrow”. A low cost, a bit scratchy home movie at the start which then explodes into an engaging ‘now-I-have-your-attention’ movie!

The story of a young German Daniel Rintz’s (and for a short time his friend Lars) desire to ride around the world on a 1982 GS 800. Somewhere Else Tomorrow is not so much about motorcycling, more about how western people live their lives. How many people could turn their back on all their home comforts and support network and head out into countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan with very little money?

This guy did and found it was not the dangerous place we are all warned about, but a world of human beings just like us but without the luxuries. When you set out with no money and work along the way with no safety net you ”let the universe decide your fate” This fate is so much more remarkable that anything a tourist will find. This film was enjoyable and inspiring. Beautifully filmed, which is remarkable considering the lack of a film crew.

Geoff Clough chose the film and wrote a quiz to go along with it. It was fun and was found to be very testing for those who ‘had not been paying attention’. Catherine and Steve had been paying attention and smashed the questions.  Well done both.





Next week, Wednesday 20th May we meet at the White Hart Inn in Swindon. Full details on our Meetup group page at BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders.

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Author: James O'Shea

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