The BMW Club Journal January 2017 – Oxford Section Report

BMW Club Oxford Section Report for December 2016

A whole New Year of biking awaits us and the Section has produced a new tri-fold calendar so that you can add the dates of events you wish to attend in your new diaries you got for Christmas or in your electronic devices. Something to suit everyone we hope with day trips, continental tours, interesting talks, regular pub socials and of course lots of good food. We are sure there will be in addition many SNR’s to take advantage of the hoped for good weather.

Whilst we obviously hope for a safe riding season there are times when accidents do happen with the requirement for ‘someone’ to do something at the scene. The ‘Biker Down’ workshops are a good way to learn some of the skills required and 12 members of the section attended one on the 10th November. As Tim Bolderston pasted on the section face book page “Although the course only covers the basics, there is a lot in the course, and it is well worth attending. We learnt about managing the scene of the accident and giving first aid. We had some practice removing each others helmets and handling the great variety of straps clips and latches holding the helmets on. We also got to practice CPR on the dummies and putting each other into the recovery position”. He also noted, as did I when I attended, the information on trying to be visible to others. As he said “The latest advice on being visible is to wear a bright single colour with full sleeves, this is to present a familiar outline to drivers who expect to see a rider sitting on a bike. Many of the current high visibility markings are remarkably similar to the disruptive patterns used by the military for camouflage. Rather surprisingly this advice would exclude many of the BMW suits available and the various tabards we use”. Something I have often done was also recommended and that is changing lane position when approaching a junction as the eye and brain of the car drivers look for relative changes of the scene; all good information to think about. If you haven’t been on a workshop I recommend you do so. It is also good to report that some of our members have volunteered to help run future courses, which is very good. Any further volunteers are most welcome; contact me for further information.

Of course the big event on the 13th was the first of the winter meetings at Uffington Village Memorial Hall which got off to an excellent start with hot soup, tea, coffee. Beautifully cooked bacon and or sausage rolls produced for the assembled masses by Rosemary & David Hicks and the catering team plus cakes to follow set members up for the main event, the AGM. Our chairman, Steve Moxey presented a review of the year that showed the organising team to have worked well and those leading or arranging rides and tours did a magnificent job. Steve has though, after 10 years as the chairman, said this will be his last year and the section needs to recruit a new chairman at the AGM in 2017. Steve has and is doing a fantastic job in making the Oxford Section one of, if not the, best in the Country for which we must all thank him. We do have a possible candidate in the wings though; welcome to Noel Robertson. A few committee members stood down with thanks for their contributions. These are Tim Reed, Clive Stevens, Richard Powell, Andy Lawson and me, John Broad, The job of Social Secretary has been taken on by David Tomlinson supported by Tim Bolderston and of course Wendy Ottaway & Bob Mack.

As the Christmas festivities approached the pub social gatherings held their Christmas dinner specials where much merriment took place.

Thinking of those less fortunate than us provided another excuse for a ride, if one was needed of course. Reading Christian Motorcyclists organise a world record Toy Run and this year’s 31st took place on the Dec 4th. Chris Bond arranged an SNR for those wishing to support the good cause. Each rider takes a present suitable for a child and joins in the ride to Barnardos High Close School where donations of the presents and money are collected and distributed. The day of the ride proved a bit crisp after overnight temps of -5 ish but glorious blue skies. There were 1,565 bikes and 476 pillions who took part this year with crowds lining the streets as the column passed taking around 25 minutes to do so. Amazing stuff and thanks to all who took part.

As we look towards 2017 the section committee has been working towards celebrating the 50th anniversary with lots of events for members to attend. There are even special logo stickers for those who do attend the special events that have been approved by BMW.

Nothing to do with bikes but nicked from a face book page and it made me chuckle:- “Flat Earth Society has members all around the Globe!”

Dave Tomlinson




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