The Cherry Tree virtual Pub Social & Film Nite – Tuesday 9th June


Tonight’s Motorcycle Film – The Best Bar in America

A whisky-fuelled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West. Motorcycling, sleeping on the ground, chasing mermaids, & drinking in America’s most legendary taverns, Sanders experiences first-hand the brotherhood of the bike and bar. Along the way he gets advice from Ernest Hemingway & Jim Harrison on writing & drinking
The photography was brilliant, especially when it came to the “on the road” shots. They captured the expanse and beautiful desolation of the rural west.

The “motorcycle” is a BMW outfit. The whole tale is thoughtful and deep. The journey becomes a search for Sanders’ identity. Contains some “colourful” language and some brief adult scenes but is very watchable.

2nd Tuesdays we usually enjoy meeting at The Cherry Tree in Steventon for our Pub Social. Whilst our lovely pub venues are closed we now meet on line using Zoom with full details of the event and how to join it, posted on Meetup at

Geoff Clough has chosen tonight’s film and planned a quiz to follow.

Look forward to meeting you online at 7.15pm on Tuesday.

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Author: James O'Shea