The International BMW GS Meeting 2013

This event was held over  the Easter week end and organised by the       .mostly Dutch and Belgium riders.

The venue was a horse / pony centre at Kleinoever nr Balkbrug. NE  Netherlands.

I went solo , firstly on the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry . The weather was brass monkey’ s although the crossing good!    Thank goodness for my keis heated vest, without which I would have suffered .

A cold ride to venue to pitch my tent. It snowed .    Just think last week end I was in a nice hotel with other members….. Now more  about  roughing it ….no wonder Wendy gave me a pass !    There were a good collection of individuals and various GS in numerous guise.  Fortunately I didn’t have to cook as all food was included.  Great  big bar to accommodate the 150 so participants. Most staying in wagons ( think westerns ) or bunk house .

It was great in the evenings….warm and convivial.   The beer helped.

It surprised me there was No club ride outs !   However they could download various routes to, your GPS  to go and try out for yourself.

I did this with one Dutch and one English chap.   About. 250 km in very cold conditions.  Coffee and apple pie  were on offer.  The routes were varied but as you might expect FLAT.   However, the amount of  water birds  about was astounding.

They also put on highland games, GPS workshop, trials demo on the Sunday and a talk from two ladies who shipped their  1150 GS ,s to India to ride back to the Netherlands.   Even did some of the. Himalayas.  ( it was like looking at our camp site ). Ha ha.

I left Sunday to ride north to do a couple of causeways…   Because I felt masochistic!  Then south to Kinderdyke to view some windmills , before ferry home.

Highs..       Friendliness , sat night BBQ ,  riding solo in the cold

Lows.    Packing away tent.  , exchange rate,   No time to,do trials demo

Next year……     Some sun please. …..

Cheers.     John
















Author: John Ottaway

GSA rider.

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  1. Hi John, sounds a good experience, for the hardy. I guess teh Dutch have had the cold weather as well this year. Best wishes Steve

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