The View from the Top

Author Ian Dobie

Despite Covid, the resultant lack of full on motorcycling and related social activity the essential background work of managing the club’s affairs continues. We are, as you will understand as far as Covid is concerned,dealing with “the most significant and unprecedented challenge of the club’s entire existence”. Each of the national officers works diligently behind the scenes keeping up to date and on top of issues as they develop. How clear is the way forward I feel you asking? Well, in many ways, as members looking for the top of the mountain hidden in the clouds, at the summit looking down at the same Covid clouds, a way ahead is no easier to define at present. We don’t have any experience of a pandemic and its affect or long term consequences any more than the government does. We are hoping to re-introduce normal activities including Track days as soon as possible in 2021, but such a decision is not entirely ours to make. The recent announcement of an approved vaccine has at last given us a glimmer of hope. At present April beginning of May is our best guess for a full resumption of activities. If that does turn out to be May we are currently planning to push the national AGM back to later in the year. We will prepare and issue the appropriate documentation in the approved timescale for April. Then we have to wait and see how things develop to make the final go no go decision. Whilst we are all dealing with the inconvenience and pressures that Covid presents the hardest working national officer is the editor who has to meet some even tougher scheduling deadlines to get the journal out on time as well as look after NHS employed family members.

We were recently advised by BMW Munich that we were required to revisit all our club and section logos to update them in line with the latest issue of their corporate design criteria. This is something that they do periodically to “refresh, maintain and strengthen the corporate image of BMW”. This time, however, they have employed a specialist German company to assist with the redesign and approval process so it is a little less work for us. Nationally and section wise we will all need to look at all material with current designs and amend, redesign as required and submit the proposed artwork via our umbrella group for the company to shape in accordance with the new guidelines. The revision also includes an additional line entry on a badge or membership card of “Official BMW Club”. We have until December 2021 to comply which should not present any problems.

Regrettably membership numbers continue to decline partly through natural wastage, particularly at this time of year and possibly as a result of the financial impact of Covid on employment. However, another significant impact on the club as a whole has been the lack of opportunities to recruit new members on a national and section basis as we normally do throughout the year. The good news is that we are still picking up some new and even some returning members, but unfortunately without the many the smaller local and bigger national show opportunities we are taking a hit on overall numbers. When we can resume “normal” activities we will need to have a real drive on recruitment so if anyone has a good innovative promotional idea I’d be pleased to hear about it.

Have a good Christmas Folks.






Author: Biggles