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I’m looking for suitable travel and breakdown insurance cover that will not break the bank but will cover motorcycling abroad.

In previous years my bike was covered by BMW Warranty for breakdown and recovery. My insurance cover for the bikes is with the BMW Motorrad scheme run by Devitts. Very reasonable rates, but unlike Carole Nash and others, does not include travel / breakdown.

I have looked at Green Flag for the breakdown and this seems reasonable.

Any ideas on holiday / travel insurance cover?

Most “normal” policies exclude dangerous activities and motorcycling over 125cc is classed as dangerous!

Ideas as always very welcome

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  1. Hi Geoff,
    I insure my bikes With Carole Nash for around £217.00, that was for two bikes and a 250cc scooter with full breakdown cover. I also use them for travel insurance, for two of us its £67.00 per trip.
    I read elsewhere that other holiday insurers put a 125cc limit on theres to stop loons hiring large bikes on holiday but will take the limit off if requested often at no extra cost.

    Hope this helps. Graham

  2. We use Carol Nash, they send renewal, we go compare and then they match what we find
    both our bikes are on one policy
    could try Bennetts or Footman James not sure if they do breakdown, thats why we stick with Carol Nash

  3. Carole Nash do travel insurance so might have a stand alone policy which covvers “dangerous” activities like motorcycling.
    I had travel insurance with them for last year’s trip to Belgium and Holland.
    Can;t remember how much it cost but probably got it a bit cheaper as My bike was also insured with them

  4. For my last 3 Bikes, over the last 9 years, I’ve alternated between Carol Nash and BMW (Devitts). On buying a new BMW, the ‘package’ of insurance including the breakdown cover which includes Europe, has always been a cheaper option for the first two years, then what seems to be the ‘discounted’ BMW/Devitts insurance goes up and I go back again to Carole Nash, whom give an excellent cover and professional service.

    I did use the Carol Nash breakdown service a few years ago (Puncture on Honda (Sorry!) Hornet 900), and a ‘third party’ man with a van came to collect me, but the contact on the day to get me picked up was very quick and professional.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I was in the same position a few years ago ie bike out of BMW warranty and insurance with BMW. I then used NCI , who can be found at, for breakdown cover. Fortunately I never needed to use the cover so can’t say how good they are and can’t remember the cost but as soon as my BMW insurance ran out I went with Carol Nash which overall was cheaper.

  6. Hi Geoff,

    Have used BMW (Devitts) for me this has the advantage of multi-bike, which is not easily available with Carole Nash or Footman James (when I last tried at least).

    With respect to breakdown I use the RAC with European cover. RAC also allow old bikes as long as you are a member of the owners club which is handy for Moto Piston. I have used RAC recovery twice, once with a puncture on the R100RS, Friday evening in the rush hour on the M4 just out of Bristol, they took a longtime to come. The second time was when our R75/7 clutch failed in Devon. They were better here and sent a very nice couple with a trailer and a Rover 75 which was a very civilised trip back.

    One thing to bear in mind is with the high cost of public transport now just leaving the bike and coming back to fix it is prohibitive. When the R75 broke down in Devon I managed to nurse it to James Sherlock but the cost of getting home from Plymouth was about £200, so recovery was much the best option.

  7. hello Geoff….most of the points have been covered above.

    New bikes have the BMW cover and the cheapest route for me was the BMW(Devitt) cover. As soon as the free recovery was finished on the new bikes Carol Nash was the best option for 2 bikes.

    Carol Nash recovery was first class when I binned the old RT down the gulley.

    I questioned the dangerous activities thing with my holiday insurance and it’s nothing to do with your mode of transport but as Graham said it’s to do with loonies on hire bikes. I used Boots or Tesco for that…..about £80 for multi trip I think.

    Regards Bob

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