Was the BBQ a success?

I would say so and a record turnout, of 64 members, helped make it a success.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the event and to those who contributed grub and their time to help. It was great to see so many new faces at the event and in the helping department. I’ll just mention Rosemary and David as they had to get up early and do a major bit shopping, for us, on the way round.

Most of us trundled down, to the even,t in our own time, hopefully avoiding the now resident speed trap as you enter the 30 limit from Hungerford. Others, on 11 bikes, followed Steve Moxey on a comprehensive tour of the English Countyside between Newbury and Marlborough. No fuel dramas to report this year.

John Broad enjoyed the rideout enough to send some pics which are below:-

An Educational Moment
An Educational Moment


A Resting Moment
A Resting Moment


A Thoughtful Moment
A Thoughtful Moment


Proof that They Made it!
Proof that They Made it!

Same time, same place next year hopefully.



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2 thoughts on “Was the BBQ a success?

  1. Excellent BBQ, many thanks to all the people who worked hard to make it happen, best wishes Steve

  2. Couldn’t agree more .
    Many thanks to all those ‘helpers ‘ who contributed to making it a great event .
    1) About those ‘lovely sausages’cooked by Henk and Wilma
    ( I only had a few honest …….)
    2). Wendy enjoying an alcoholic beverage provided by ‘Mr Pimms ‘
    3). Rows of BMW bikes all under the ‘banner’ ( all surrounded by motorhomes,caravans and cars ). Lookin’ Good !
    4) How did I miss out on Birthday cake , but not the singing ?
    Good to see Nigel Richardson back after his epic trip , and being told jokes by our motorcycling reverend Derek
    We had a great time. Cheers. John and Wendy

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