Bahnstormer BMW Club Open Day

Bahnstormer Alton Branch kindly arranged a BMW Club Open Day on July 21st, which was well attended by members from the Oxford, Southern and South East sections more than 30 places were booked for lunch at the Golden Pheasant next door to Bahnstormer! the ride down from Newbury was on windy back lanes and was great fun in the Sun!

Plenty of BMW Club bikes at Alton
South East section!
Lunch at the Golden Pheasant

The Bahnstormer BMW Club Open Day was designed to help recruit new members with a special offer of £12.50 to join the BMW club on the day and a 20% discount on clothing and accessories from Bahnstormer Motorrad for BMW Club members again on the day. We recruited more than 10 new BMW Club members many thanks to Alistair Walker and Daren Parnell at Bahnstormer for arranging the day and publicising it!

BMW Club recruiting at Bahnstormer Motorrad

Erica Body from the southern section provide to be our recruiting secret weapon, equipped with an iPad in the Bahnstormer cafe.

Erica Body with iPad recruiting ace!
Alan collecting his new BMW R1200GS Ralleye
The new BMW C650GT scooter!

In conclusion an excellent day at Bahnstormer and hopefully we will be able to arrange some more BMW Club days at Bahnstormer Alton and Maidenhead in the future.


Author: drdrsteve

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  1. Great day out and enjoyed the run down. We covered just about every type of road, some even had grass up the middle.

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