2012 Off Road Skills Level 2

Having enjoyed the Level 1 course and The day in the Dirt Refresher, Steve and I signed up for Level 2. Well it can’t be much more difficult than Level 1 can it ?The day started off well with nice clean bikes and loads of confidence.

How smart and clean we look

Then off we went on a little ride on dusty roads like this to relax us and warm up ready for a few challenges.

Our gentle warm up road

Once we’d got nice and dusty and sweaty off we went to do a little excercise called the momentum test which was the final challenge in Level 1 which decided whether you are skilled enough to go to Level 2. It looked so simple, all we has to do was go up and down the three little tracks, under complete control. Unfortuanatley we weren’t very good. Lack of practice being the main reason. Not to worry though the instructers just altered the schedule to get us back up to the correct level. Study the picture…looks easy doesn’t it.

The Momentum Test Slope

We were all a little despondent by this stage so off we went to have a go at water filled ruts, as an easy option, to cheer us up.

Little Ruts

It certainly cheered us up………..watching each other fall of into the water. Some didn’t think it was funny so they surveyed then more closely.

They were definitely wet ruts

Then we had some instruction which didn’t seem to help and some wanted to go home.

Off home?

Naturally the correct way to do it was Blast your way through…….if only we had listened and had the skill.

That’s the way to do it!!

Some were still smiling and clearly very dirty.

Kit doesn’t look so new now

Off we went to a new challenge to take our minds off water and mud.

Photo doesn’t really show how steep the edge is

A few bikes got broken attempting this though!


Steve’s chosen weapon for the weekend was the BMW Sertao….a grubby one.

The BMW Sertao

They all cleaned up nicely for the next bunch of brave souls.

All Clean and Shiny again

Would we do it again……yes definitely.



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  1. Hi Bob, an excellent write up now I know what you were thinking about in all those muddy ruts! Congratulations this is post 200 on the Oxford section blog! Steve

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