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K1600 “Easyrizer” Big Blue Professional Lift

“I’m really getting too old for this”

Sound familiar, the joys of motorcycle maintenance and cleaning, kneeling and grovelling on the floor was fast becoming past its enjoyment date at Tomlinson Towers.

Like motorcycling itself, the actual purchase of a lift / table whatever you want to call it is a very personal affair, it may not be to everyone’s taste but the “Easyrizer Big Blue Professional” has been worth its weight in gold this winter.

When first mounting the bike on the lift, it must be held vertically on its wheels (not on the main stand). The lift is then manoeuvred underneath the bike and has 2 contact points. The rear simply rests under the frame, the front is screwed to the bike to provide maximum safety.

A K1600 (other bikes are available…..) can be taken from floor to waist height in around 10 seconds using a power or cordless drill. Utilising a trapezoidal screw the lift is completely safe and will never lower until you are ready to.

As an additional security measure, I left my elevated bike chained to the lift over the Christmas holidays and I’m happy to report it was still there upon my return and hadn’t moved at all.

No more crawling around on the garage floor with all the attendant dangers, now I simply pop the bike on the lift for cleaning or maintenance or even applying ACF 50 underneath, very efficient!

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Examples of other bikes on the lift

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Hope that was useful, let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

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