Meet the Member – Henk & Wilma Gouws

Name and where you live
Hi, We are Henk & Wilma Gouws. We live in Witney, Oxfordshire.

What’s your day job?
I am a company director and Wilma is an accountant for Open Doors International.

How long have you been riding?
I had a Suzuki AC 50 in 1974 and as Wilma and I were at school together, she has been riding pillion with me since then. Wilma has had her own bikes for years ( she once did a trip of more than a thousand miles in 2 days on her own bike with a passenger!) but sold her last bike in 2007 and since then is only riding pillion with me. At one stage I was absolutely track day besotted and have done many, many enjoyable track days at different tracks. Wilma even did a couple of track days herself.

Tell us about your current bike
My current bike is a 2015 GS 1200 Adventure LC.

Can you share a favourite route that you’ve ridden or a memorable trip you’ve made?
A favourite trip must be our annual trip to Assen in the Netherlands for the BSB round. Everything, from the route to the racing, is always most enjoyable although not everybody enjoys the ferry crossings. (Willem van Zyl and Catherine Moxey may expand on that!)

For you, what’s the best thing about being a motorcyclist?
I am not a motorcyclist! A motorcyclist is a person that uses a motorcycle to impress his neighbour or mother in law or another impressionable person. I am a BIKER, it is in my blood, in my genes and as part of me as my arm, brain and heart.

And are there any downsides?
By choice I do not ride my bike when the roads are salted/gritted in winter and that is a very dark period in my life. I think I get bike withdrawal symptoms.

If money and/or time weren’t an issue, what would be your ideal trip or what would be your perfect bike?
To follow the Australian coastline on a bike!

Apart from motorcycling, what are your other interests?
I enjoy life!

Thank you!

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