NCM Report presented by Steve Halliday



This meeting took place via Zoom due to the current climate that we are all aware of. It went very well with all members giving each other time to express their point of view.


Stewart had nothing to report and no questions were asked of him.


Jim gave his report verbally and the NEC show has been cancelled and deposits refunded. A question from the General Secretary to the Treasurer revealed that the Zoom meeting would save the club about £3000.


Liz gave her report verbally and all seems well and she has plenty of material for the Journal but that should not prevent you from sending in articles for future issues.


Simon stated that there is no movement on the National rally as there is nowhere open to negotiate venues etc. He is waiting for the Government to ease restrictions before contacting the Hotel with regard to the AGM he will keep us posted.


John Elvidge has taken over Membership Secretary from Bob Barker and stated that the current membership as at the 13thJune 2020 is 2670 full and 700 associates these figure will fluctuate as people renew the subscriptions. The Oxford section is currently showing 208 full and 59 associates. He also stated those on a rolling membership approximately 40% did not renew compared with 10%to20% of long term members. The cost of membership cards was discussed in detail and it was agreed unanimously to replace the plastic membership card with card on the basis of cost and recyclability but John is determined to reduce the costs to the club. He also mentioned going back to a fixed renewal date with the General Secretary pointing out that any changes was a matter for the AGM.


GDPR was discussed and a proposal from Ian Dobie that only Section Membership Secretaries have access to the database and be permitted to email members. Advice given at the meeting was that supplementary lists and access should not exist. A vote was taken to the effect that only Membership Secretaries will have access to databases this was carried with 10 votes in favour.

A policy for ride outs was introduced as ride leaders have been successfully prosecuted for the actions of members within their group who are caught speeding. Some Sections record the briefing on a mobile phone whilst others ask members to sign a disclaimer giving details such as number plates and emergency contact numbers. Jim Bettley is requesting information from Police forces around the UK to determine how many of these prosecutions have taken place and under what circumstances. Given the amount of ride outs by all the motorcyclists in the UK and the number of prosecutions are we in danger of being too bureaucratic or taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut? It was mentioned that if the drop off system was used (with no overtaking) then there would be no need to exceed the speed limit. We have documents from BMF and MAG and are looking at the Roadsmart (IAM) systems of ride outs and are looking for a common procedure or policy that we can adopt/adapt. If you have any thoughts or opinions please contact  and I will pass them on.

There are Sections experiencing problems with non members attending events, it seems that the Facebook members think it entitles them to turn up at events as members. It was mentioned that they have all the information they need from Club web pages and Facebook colleagues so membership is not necessary. It was decided by consensus that Sections should use their own discretion and check membership cards.

The next meeting is scheduled for 31stOctober 2020 and we are waiting to see if the Hotels are open or we do another Zoom meeting, I will keep you posted.

If you have any questions or suggestions that I can take to the Section Committee or the National Committee then please feel free to contact me


Steve Halliday

Oxford Section NCM representative.






Author: bobmack70