BMW Atlanta GTX and BMW PaceDry GTX Gloves – Review

We are always on the lookout for the perfect motorcycle glove, a quest never to be completely fulfilled, like so many things in life but we can always chase perfection! I had been looking for a waterproof but not too heavy 3/4 season glove to replace some very nice and supremely comfortable Held gloves that were wearing out and are no longer available. I use these gloves mainly for commuting or short rides in cooler weather. On a visit to North Oxford Garage I tried on a few gloves in the showroom and was quite surprised how good the new BMW PaceDry GTX gloves were to wear.

BMW PaceDry GTX Gloves

After a lot of deliberation I purchased a pair of PaceDry GTX from Bahnstormer Alton on a visit to have a bike serviced. I chose a slightly larger size as I expected to be using these gloves in the rain and have suffered in the past from linings that bunch up. If the gloves are too tight they can be nearly impossible to get on once your hands are wet.

In use the BMW PaceDry GTX gloves are very good, certainly waterproof with a laminated lining to avoid the inner lining riding up. They are not as warm as my old Held gloves but with heated grips that is not really an issue on a modern BMW. Comfort and feel are pretty good as well. If you remember the very popular old BMW Summer Rain glove they are a bit warmer and slightly more bulky than that glove. After a few weeks use there was some give in the glove so I ended up buying a second pair in the next size down which is the perfect size. I still use my larger size if there is a lot of rain as they are easier to get on and off!

BMW Atlanta GTX Glove

BMW have recently announced the Atlanta GTX glove, new for 2022. This glove uses a Goretex Infinium membrane which is windproof but only shower proof. After trying these on I decided to buy a pair to complement the PaceDry GTX. The Atlanta GTX glove is superbly comfortable and the feel is like wearing a thin pair of leather gloves. They are certainly ideal for an urban commute and if the weather is good they are perfect for a summer ride. The best thing is that they take up next to know space so you could bring them along with your rain-proof glove on a ride.

BMW PaceDry GTX 2 in 1 Gloves

The alternative approach is the BMW PaceDry GTX 2 in 1 glove (manufactured for BMW by Held I believe). This glove combines a summer leather glove with a rain-proof glove. They have received rave reviews in MCN and are very good as well. The cost of buying the more expensive BMW PaceDry GTX 2 in 1 glove is about the same as buying both the BMW Pacedry GTX and Atlanta GTX gloves! You pays your money and makes your choice as they say.


Author: drdrsteve