Bob’s New XR?

There’s nothing unusual about buying a new Motorcycle so why I am telling you, the readers, about mine.

It’s simple: –

I can’t ride it and no one has seen it, all I can do is talk about it.

The reason is simple. The lockdown was introduced and the 600 mile service appointment was cancelled.

You may be interested to know that it’s red, complete with luggage, stunningly quick and even during the running in period I could use up to 9000rpm, the max being 11000rpm after the first service. Basically it will keep up with the traffic better than my Honda.

Why would a sensible grown up, like me, want something like this? Well, when BMW first introduced the S1000XR a few of us tested one alongside some other new models. I really enjoyed the test ride and would have bought one if I hadn’t been happy with my existing bikes. I tested one again in 2017 and still liked it but again I didn’t need a change. It’s not a GS or GSA, it’s a motorcycle that sort of looks like an adventure bike but performs and handle like a sports bike without being hunched up and of course it has one of the best 4 cylinder engine on the market. My advice to anyone considering replacing a boxer twin model with a S1000XR is to research the move very carefully and ride one several times before committing. It was an easy decision for me, to change, as I only used my GSA for touring once, in 11 years. Most of the mileage was pleasure trips.

Last year it was announced that a new version of the S1000XR would be introduced for 2020. The specification really didn’t seem to be much of a step forward. Power was the same, styling and accessories were different but not life changing and there was a slight weight saving, apparently, plus a price hike.

That gave me the idea of hunting for an old stock new 2019 model to try and benefit from the price difference. A dealer let me have a ride on a used one, in the wet, just to check that I still liked the model. I did and eventually found a S1000XR Sport SE with luggage, at the right price and bought it.

The spec includes:-
DTC (dynamic traction control), Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension adjust), Daytime Riding Light, Gearshift Assist Pro, Riding Mode Pro, Prep For GPS, ABS Pro, Heated Grips, Cruise Control, Hand guards, LED Indicators, Centre Stand, Luggage Grid, L&R Pannier Fastenings, LED Rear Light, Power Socket, Adjustable Screen, Dynamic Brake Light, Top Box, Panniers

Added bonus was the Registration Number, allocated to it, ends with XR.

Bob’s XR

The motorcycle is an absolute hoot to ride but I’m not sure how I’ll know that the Dynamic Brake Light works. It’s agile, well balanced and powerful, all in one, and no other manufacturer, which I would consider, has a 4 cylinder motorcycle, of this spec, in their range.

The radiator and oil cooler look very vulnerable and the non-adjustable clutch lever span is huge. The first was sorted with an after market protector and the second with an adjustable lever before I started clocking up running in miles.

It looks really comfy in the garage. The lockdown has given me the time to puzzle out how to install my old Autocom system and integrate it using automotive type plugs and sockets. Other than polish it I can’t do anymore until I ride it regularly.

Roll on the relaxed lock down. I’d rather be riding about, on the XR, not talking or writing about it.

Ps It does run.

Author Bob Mack


Author: bobmack70

2 thoughts on “Bob’s New XR?

  1. A very nice looking motorcycle. The registration was a spot of luck as well.

  2. Thanks Steve.

    Yep reg was pure luck. The first group, that I was sent, had GPO as the only one of significance but was withdrawn by DVLA before the registration could be made. The second bunch had MXR which wasand obvious choice. Goes as well as it looks.

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