Wunderlich Easy Park – XXL


Wunderlich Easy Park – XXL

As time goes by it seems to be a shared experience that garages/workshops shrink! Loving partners might gently point out it’s because you have TOO MUCH stuff and Marie Kondo needs to pay a visit. But of course, wiser heads know that it’s just a question of tightly managing the remaining space.

This is where you might want to consider the purchase of an Easy Park mover from the wonderful ‘Nippy Normans’. Described as allowing you easily to move your bike while parked on the centre stand, it maximises every last bit of parking space particularly in corners and in-tight alongside walls. It really comes into its own, for riding in forwards and then rotating the mover 180 degrees so the bike can be ridden out rather than taking it out backwards.

The platform is constructed from 9mm galvanized steel fitted with heavy duty locking four ball bearing twin-casters. The wide base accommodates the centre stand deployment arm. Load capacity 880 lbs.


I bought one of these about a year ago. The price seemed steep at £159 but it has earned its keep. Ideally you need a reasonably level floor. When you first use it, you wrongly sense the bike is going to tip off the stand but that passes as you gain familiarity. Keep the sidestand down for safety backup. My only struggle with rotating or moving forwards/backwards has been pilot error, leaving the locking tabs down on the caster-wheels!

Operating the centre stand whilst placing it on the mover might cause a problem. The downward swing of the centre stand is restricted and makes it more difficult. I usually raise the rear wheel on a paddock stand, which makes the operation a lot easier.


Other BMW riders who have purchased this have commented:

  • When taking the bike off the stand all four wheels MUST be locked but even then, may slide.
  • Lifting the bike was quite a struggle on the first few occasions but one develops a technique.
  • Wish I had bought it years ago, it just makes life easier.
  • Great bit of kit – allows me to move my GSA about the garage with just one hand.

So in conclusion, a well-engineered German manufactured piece of kit that makes life a lot easier . . . . . but at a price!


Author: James O'Shea

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