Motorcycle Dryers

Like many others I have looked at bike dryers as nothing more than a big hair dryer and something of a gimmick, only useful to those who spend more time polishing than riding. However, some two months into ownership, I wonder how I managed without it!

Coming from a background of washing my bike after every ride, (unless it is bone dry) I have spent hours with a chamois, microfibre cloths, drying the bike afterwards to eliminate the onset of corrosion. I now have the bike washed and dried in just over 5 minutes with no pools of water on the garage floor and the knowledge that there is no water in those difficult to reach areas.

While I am not a concours sort of person, the bike has no water spotting on it due to hard water deposits on the paintwork or chrome and the risk of scratching it has been eliminated. On the modern machines the mirrors and windshields come up clean without the need to wipe them afterwards. I was also amazed at the sort of places it managed to extract water from, stopping the build-up of corrosion. The bike is then ready to receive a coat of ACF50, polish etc immediately, which in winter temperatures is very useful, and it keeps your hands warm….

As with all these things I have found it useful for a quick blow dry of wet motorcycle kit to help rid it of the worst of the water and thanks to the variable speed and heat settings there is no risk to delicate areas of the bikes or clothing.

Having looked at virtually all the models on the market, I went with the cheapest due to my cynical nature….. it has a robust construction and many features such as the variable speed and heat settings. It comes with a three-metre flexible hose and three head attachments to help provide the best air pattern depending on use.

With its easy carry handle, four feet for stability, it is easy to store when not in use, although given the recent winter weather it has been in use every time I have been out…..

Most will see the price and what looks like a hair dryer for the bike as reasons not to bother, but, given the time saving when cleaning and the reduced risk of corrosion and machine damage, it will soon pay for itself. (Dare I say it? – Good for the car as well!) Besides time on maintenance is time not spent riding which is why we have motorcycles…..

David Tomlinson


Author: drdrsteve