BMW Club Oxford Charity

The BMW Club Oxford has been collecting for charity for several years at BMW Club events, our objective is to help others less fortunate than ourselves. We have selected charities that have a connection to motorcycling and for 2020 we are collecting for Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) which is a very worthy cause. TVAA provides the famous air ambulance service which is particularly important to motorcyclists and is completely reliant on charitable fundraising to sustain its operations.

There are many ways you can give to TVAA with the BMW Club Oxford: by coming to our events where we have the traditional TVAA collecting tins. We have recently expanded this to include the Oxford Motorcycle Rides MeetUp project where you can join the BMW Club Oxford for an organised ride and make a recommended donation to TVAA.

TVAA Collection, £2 per participant

We also have a BMW Club Oxford JustGiving page for donations to TVAA. You can access the page here and make your contributions online if you are unable to attend any club events.

BMW Club Oxford Justgiving Appeal

We also have individual members who are organising their own fundraising activities with their own JustGiving pages. To help these members we have also created a BMW Club Oxford Charity Team which allows you to link your individual fundraising project to the BMW Club Oxford TVAA collection. If you are interested in joining the team please click here to join.

BMW Club Oxford Charity Team

You can see how much we have raised from the ‘Charity Thermometer’ below which also appears on the righthand side-bar on the home page. Thank you to all those who have contributed to our collection for TVAA!

[olimometer id=1]


Author: drdrsteve