BMW Club Oxford Section Lunch at Sudbury House Hotel, Farringdon

Members and guests began to arrive just before mid day, ready for some gentle socialising prior to the lunch which started at 1-00pm.  Socialising is still measured by the pint in our club.

There were some new faces of people who probably enjoy a nice lunch in a warm environment, rather than the cold seat of a motorcycle.

A couple of stalwarts did however arrive on motorcycles, but the rest of us came by car.  One lady had prepared an excuse for coming by car, by breaking her leg at Netball.  She received much sympathy, after the jokes were filtered out.

Like a spring waiting to be wined up

Once seated at the six tables, conveniently the sixty of us sat ten at each table, the chatting progressed.  At our table we chatted quite a bit on club related activities.  Perhaps this is not surprising as trips are coming up to Bournemouth, the Champagne region of France, Spain and North Wales.  Discussions over membership and its link for new members to the GS launch days at North Oxford Garage and Bahnstormers came up, both in our chats and fed by our chairman.  As well as talking about motorcycles, particularly BMWs of course.

With a number of people interested in the good old days of steam railways, debates on the technicalities of both full size and model railways featured at our table.

The Thinker, with acknowledgement to Auguste Rodin

The food came as three courses with the first and third courses brought to us, but we were called table by table for self service for the main course.  It must have taken about 30 minutes from beginning to serve the main course until everyone had collected their food.  This did not seem to be a problem for the later people though and everyone seemed to enjoy the excellent food.

The camera was spotted this time

After we had eaten, the Chairman’s “short” (?!) after dinner speech covered the vacancies for the trips, the discounted availability of front and rear BMW Club badges (front & rear £5.00 – only 35 sets left!) that can be sewn onto our clothing, and the presentation of some badges for people who are involved in working for the club.  In particular, Dave Hawkins and Graham Chapple were presented with awards for their service to the club on completion of their terms of office on the committee.

After these formal presentations, the raffle was drawn with some fine wines, chocolates, clothing and equipment to clean the salt off the bikes, as prizes.  Some people won two prizes, although they asked for the ticket to be re-drawn.  And one table seemed to be particularly fortunate in winning prizes, not that there was any ‘fix’ in the draw of course.

The prizes – the wine went first
A colourful . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . container of raffle tickets

A good time was had by all at this lunch, which marks the time when our bikes will be dusted down and oiled ready for the trips coming up through the year ahead.


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  1. That ‘speech’ certainly felt long enough from where I was standing! 60 club members at the Spring Lunch is certainly a record. Steve

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