BMW Club UK AGM 2024 – Have Your Say!

The BMW Club National AGM will take place this year in Blackburn on 27th April. The purpose of this post is to help Oxford section members to ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’ at the AGM. Some of you may be planning to attend the AGM itself, which is great. More details on how to attend are contained on the BMW Club UK Website, please follow the link.

The second option is to make use of your proxy vote. This is the third year that the BMW Club has implemented proxy voting for the AGM and the system has improved and it is now quite easy to do. (Dik Langan BMW Club Technology Officer has done a lot of work in a short time to get everything ready. Many thanks Dik!).


Complete your Proxy Vote in THREE Steps to ‘Have Your Say’!


    1. Review the BMW Club AGM papers provided for the AGM

      The two documents you need to download and read are (a) the AGM Booklet with reports and (b) the BMW Club Accounts. This is just the same information you would have if you arrived at the AGM itself. If you have any questions it might be a good idea to talk to your fellow members or consult with any of the Oxford committee who would be pleased to help. Please follow these links for the AGM BOOKLET and BMW CLUB ACCOUNTS.


    2. Read the Proxy Voting instructions – this is important as you want your vote to be accepted!

      The instructions are not difficult to understand and are similar to any other instructions for proxy voting. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PROXY VOTING INSTRUCTIONS HERE. You will need to decide whether you wish the CHAIR to act as your proxy or whether you would wish to ask a member who will be at the meeting to act as your PROXY – in this case you will need to provide the proxy details. For instance Ian Dobie the Oxford Section Social Secretary (membership number 12571) will be attending and you could ask him to be your proxy. you can contact Ian at NB Only ONE proxy is needed for the proxy form.


    3. Complete the Proxy Voting Form and Either POST it to the National Membership Secretary or EMAIL it to the National Membership Secretary (cheaper and quicker) by 25th April!

      You can download the BMW Club AGM PROXY VOTING FORM FROM THIS LINK. Completing the proxy voting form is quite simple but there are a few tips which will help you: (a) When you give your proxy’s details you don’t need to give their address just their BMW Club Membership number will do (b) There is NO NEED to sign the document (difficult online) just give your email address and the membership secretary will be able to find you in the club database (c) You will also be asked to give your membership number (d) For motions you have the option to vote FOR, AGAINST or ABSTAIN. (e) When voting for an officer without alternative candidate it is just FOR or ABSTAIN (f) We do have one contested position as IAN DOBIE (Oxford Section) is standing against JIM BETTLEY (National Social Secretary) for a VICE PRESIDENT position. In this case choose either IAN, JIM or ABSTAIN. (g) Finally if you do not check an option your proxy may vote on your behalf!

      Once you have filled in your proxy form just email it to the National Membership Secretary at . If you wish to post please send the form to The BMW Club – Membership Secretary, 7 Pintail Grove, Kidderminster, DY10 4RT. Proxy Forms must arrive no later than 11.30 a.m. on Thursday 25th April, 2024. 

    When emailing the proxy form we recommend that you .bcc Ian Dobie since he will be at the AGM and can hopefully make sure that your vote has been received. Ian’s email is

    Associates can also vote using the proxy form they will need to complete their own form using their associate membership number which usually ends in A. When finished just email the completed proxy voting form to the National Membership Secretary as above.

    We hope you enjoy the chance to Have Your Say in the running of the BMW Club at the AGM in person or by Proxy Voting, your feedback will be important in helping the club to move in the right direction. If you have any further questions you are welcome to continue discussion about the AGM on the BMW Club Oxford Facebook Group or please email Geoff Clough the Oxford Section Membership Secretary with any questions. 


    Best wishes, BMW Club Oxford Committee.




Author: drdrsteve