BMW Day at the Ace Cafe

Sadly we couldn’t make Newbury in time to join the Royal Ride out. Someone set fire to Berkshire, last week, and The Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service keep being invited to help the Berkdhire lot out and mainly at night.

In short I couldn’t wake up this morning.

Once up and awake, we did manage to make it to the Ace Cafe, around lunch time, and met up with Noel from the Southern Section. He was doing a fine job, on our behalf, and had signed up at least one member for our section.

Overall we saw a good turn out of BMW’s and a few familiar faces.


Author: bobmack70

5 thoughts on “BMW Day at the Ace Cafe

  1. Hi Bob,

    It looks like the Ace Cafe was a very good event. Thanks for helping Noel and his team out, it sounds as though they did good job for the club as well. Steve

    1. Yep overall it was a good event……..not sure there were as many people visiting as last time I went.

      Noel is a great chap……..very proactive.

      How was Spain?


      1. Hi Bob, I was in Coimbra in Portugal. Actually the weather in London was better than Lisbon on Friday but it warmed up a bit over the weekend. I was working so not much time for enjoying the scenery!

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