BMW Motorrad 2014 Sales Record

BMW Motorrad R1200RT Sales Success (from BMW Motorrad UK)
BMW Motorrad R1200RT (from BMW Motorrad UK)

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure reported BMW Motorrad sales for 2014. Another record for BMW with 6,959 vehicles registered up 15% from 2013. BMW Motorrad market share now stands at 16% in the over 500cc category the highest ever.

In the two key market segments for BMW Motorrad Adventure and Touring, MSL reported the following highlights:


  • R1200GS is the best selling motorcycle over 125cc for the fifth year running. R1200GSA is the second best selling motorcycle.
  • R1200GS/GSA combined hit a new record of 2,641 vehicles making it the best selling powered two wheeler!
  • BMW’s market share of the Adventure segment is 28%


  • R1200RT is the best selling touring motorcycle with 28% of the touring market. F800GT was second, K1600s third.
  • R1200RT was the 5th best selling motorcycle over 125cc.
  • BMW’s market share of the Touring segment is 53%.

The growth in BMW Motorrad sales is very good news for the BMW Owners Club. Compared to 2009 BMW Motorrad is registering 116% more motorcycles per year in 2014. The humble BMW Club Oxford section however has 138% more members than we had in 2009 so BMW Motorrad has a way to go to catch up yet!


Author: drdrsteve