BMW Navigator IV/Zumo 660 Lost Routes on K1600

BMW Navigator IV

Hi everyone, just to alert any K1600 owners or prospective owners to a problem using the BMW Navigator IV with the K1600 integrated mount. This  probably affects the Zumo 660 also but I don’t have one of these so I can’t test it myself.

Everything seemed to work fine with firmware 4.30, but on upgrading to firmware 4.40 or 4.50 the BMW Navigator IV would ‘forget’ active routes when powered off. So for example if you stop to fill up the sat nab has lost the route and you then have to reselect it to continue! This can be quite cumbersome especially if you are using custom routes on a long trip. The problem only occurs in when the sat nav is in the K1600 mount if you remove the sat nav it will power on and off normally remembering active routes.

I have discussed the problem extensively with Garmin and with Bahnstormer, who checked it with a brand new BMW Navigator IV, it is definitely a problem. Daren at Bahnstormer thought BMW might have a firmware upgrade for the K1600 soon to fix some other glitches as well.

Fortunately there is a work around for the moment, downgrade back to firmware 4.30 which works fine, the details are contained in this excellent post from a fellow K1600 owner in the UK, BMW Navigator 4.30 downgrade. Obviously anyone doing this is working at their own risk so remember to make backups etc.

I think we have five K1600s coming to Austria so hopefully this might avoid a few problems.


Author: drdrsteve

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