Cassington Bike Night Photos

The Cassingston Bike Night was a great success, more than 10,000 bikes attended and we recruited some new members 10-13+ associates and one for Western section! Martin Ritchie and the Cassington organising committee did a fantastic job.

Martin Ritchie at Cassington
Martin Ritchie at Cassington

Well done to John Broad for arranging everything here are some photos of the event from John, we hope to be back for 2015!


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  1. Fantastic evening. The Red Flying Millward was a fantastic piece of engineering marrying up 2 x Pratt & Witney radial a/c engine barrels to 2 x Jaguar Carbs and a Morris Ten Gearbox. Apart form the obvious “because they’re there and I want to” Why? It was a bit trick to start and somewhat difficult to handle on the road from what I saw, but hey ho!

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