Facebook for the Oxford Section

The BMW Club is continuing to move with the times and there is now a national Facebook Group with over 100 members and Southern Section have a Facebook group with 58 members – so it is time for the Oxford Section to start using Facebook to complement the website (lets see if we can get more members than Southern section!).

Oxford Section Facebook Group
Oxford Section Facebook Group

Facebook has advantages in that it is very easy to post and comment and within the Oxford Section Group you will only hear about Oxford Section information. We are hoping to use this for planning ad-hoc rides and quickly communicating within the section.

So to get started existing Facebook users just need to join the BMW Club Oxford group, search for BMW Club Oxford on Facebook and ask to join. The picture above shows what the group should look like. You can also go directly to the BMW Club Oxford group by clicking on the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwoxford/.

Otherwise you will first need a Facebook account very simple to create at www.facebook.com (ask Steve Moxey or Bob Mack if you need help).

Facebook is really very easy to use and a good way to keep up with news. If you would like to join the BMW Club UK Facebook group as well that is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/869274659764857/.

PS When you click the links you will be asked to sign in to Facebook or to register for an account before you can see the groups.


Author: drdrsteve