Oshkosh Air Show

Last Sunday John Broad gave an excellent talk on the Oshkosh air show in the US, which he visited last year with his cousin who lives in Boston. The Oshkosh air show is one of the largest in the world with over 500,000 people attending. It is run by the Experiment Aircraft Association (EAA) in the US. The EAA have many aviation interests which can extend into the automotive arena!

Sidecar or Side plane?
Sidecar or Side plane?

Thanks to John for an excellent talk.

John Broad Oshkosh Air Show talk
John Broad Oshkosh Air Show talk

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2 thoughts on “Oshkosh Air Show

  1. If i’m honest ….. I know nothing about vintage aircraft, and I was attending the meeting as a means of a ride- out, followed by bacon roll, and a natter!!
    ( Obviously though ,with my support to John for his talk .)
    Well… How good was that !!
    Informative, funny, and very well presented . I came away smiling!
    Good job. John .

  2. John O summed it up perfectly, a brilliant talk by other John.

    Food was great as well.

    Thanks to all for a great day.

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