Four Long Distance Rides

At the Uffington meeting on Sunday February 10th we had an excellent talk by Nigel Richardson on four of his long distance rides: (1) The way of St James (2) North Cape (3) Morocco, high and low Atlas and (2) High Andes in South America.

Nigel’s objective was to give people some idea of what it is like to undertake this sort of trip starting with the accessible way of St James to Santiago de Compostella all the way to the High Andes tour organised by Globebusters. Nigel also had some useful travel tips and clothing advice for members.

The highlight of the presentation was Nigel’s video of riding the Death Road (GS Adventure) in Bolivia. Unbelievably this road used to be a main road and has featured on Top Gear (please note the road is actually in Bolivia near La Paz, not Chile!).

Nigel will be leaving for a trip on the Silk Road to China with Globebusters from the Ace Cafe in London at 09:00 on Saturday 27th April. There might be an opportunity to see him off and then return to Bahnstormer Maidenhead for the GS day to hear from another intrepid GS traveller Dr Pat Garrod – details to follow.

Nigel also works with the SERV (OBN) charity delivering blood and other medical items, the section has donated £50 to SERV to thank Nigel for his talk and we can look forward to a Silk Road report in due course.


Author: drdrsteve

3 thoughts on “Four Long Distance Rides

  1. What a great talk.
    Nigel sets himself a goal …and goes for it . Inspirational stuff.
    I have been to some of the same places on a lesser budget perhaps.
    It can be done .
    Would like to see Nigel’s kit list for that Kriega bag !

    Ps….off to sort out a pilgrimage run of my own.

  2. Hi John,

    Nigel’s bags are Kriega KS40s which expand from 30-40 litres. I have ordered a couple for my US trip as they look really good for airline checkin. The merino base layers are by EDZ, I think they do them in 165g and 200g weight so you can use them in cool and all climates.

    Will be interested to see your pilgrimage trip. I was thinking about Greece in 2014? Best wishes Steve

  3. Plan to go to the Ace Cafe to see Nigel on his way .
    Any one else ?

    Could be his last proper breakfast ! ( although i doubt it )
    Ha ha


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