SNR to Royal Air Force Museum Cosford


We chose 30th March, for this SNR, as the weather prediction was good. Well it was to a degree. Six bikes and riders left, Peartree Services, in sunshine but it wasn’t long before black clouds appeared and the journey was almost in the dark, to the point where we didn’t really notice one of our number peeling off to go somewhere else. Hope he made it ok.

Next stop was for coffee, at Warwick services, and to join up with two more bikes and riders. During the coffee stop it started raining and continued to do so until we reached the M54, which was bathed in sunshine and enjoying a heat wave. In fact it stayed that way for the rest of the day, thankfully.

Cosford is a free museum but this in no way reflects the quality of the exhibits, which are first class. There’s so much to absorb that a second visit is definitely a must. The Cold War period is a feature of one section and includes several historically interesting displays. Royal Air Force Museum London, at Hendon, is related to Cosford, and has themes as well.

There are a few snaps, below, to wet your appetite:-

We opted to take a cross-country route back and to use a part of the M5. A good plan as there was an horrendous hold up on the M6. A coffee stop, at the new Faringdon Costa, was most welcome and appears to be a good stopping off or meeting point when we ride out that way.

Thanks to all who supported us and made it a great day. It was good to meet up with a new Friend, Dave Thomas, who joined us for the first time. In fact we only needed one more Dave to have a majority and the ride would have been known as Daves’ Ride Out

Keep you eyes peeled for the next SNR…….it’s that season now.


Author: bobmack70